Attorney General Opinions

Public Counsel is not involved in matters concerning public utilities. Municipal and PUD customers should directly contact their utility district and its representatives with comments or complaints. (no date)

AGO 2003 #11 – Those counties and cities that have “home rule” powers … have authority to provide telecommunications services to their residents; other cities, towns, and counties lack this authority.

AGO 2001 #3 – Public utility districts and port districts lack authority to sell “excess capacity” telecommunications services to “end users”.

AGO 1998 #14 – Authority of public utility district to engage in services ancilary to primary statutory purposes.

AGLO 1979#4 – It would be a violation of Article VIII, § 7 of the state constitution for a municipal utility or public utility district to advance funds to its customers…

AGO 1978 #13 – The provisions of Article VIII, § 7 of the Washington Constitution prohibit a city or public utility district from assisting its utility customers…

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