2013 – May

Mason: PUD 3 commission report (Mason PUD #3) May 28, 2013

Greg Marney, CEO of NoaNet, presented commissioners with a member update on the organization’s activities.

Pend Oreille: First PUD fiber hook ups made near Sacheen Lake (Miner Online) May 22, 2013 [subscription required]

Kitsap: Tech event on tap for IT staff at public agencies (Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal) May 22, 2013

The Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council, along with Kit-Net Broadband Group and NoaNet (Northwest Open Access Network), will present the Kit-Net TechFest, a free daylong event for public agency IT staff, on May 31 in Bremerton.

San Juan: Opaque OPALCO not the solution for Island broadband (Fair Competition Alliance) May 22, 2013

A well-reasoned, well-documented op-ed from OPALCO members, Chris and Chom Greacens, is a must read for members of the Orcas Power and Light Cooperative who want to understand the risks associated with their electric co-op’s proposal to build and deliver broadband services.

San Juan: Mulligan resigns from OPALCO board (Journal of the San Juan Islands) May 21, 2013

…Mulligan and Thomerson separately acknowledged that OPALCO’s “bold proposals” approved by the board in late 2012 for financing and implementing a countywide high-speed broadband system has recently moved toward finding “alternative” ways to design, finance, and manage the build out and operation of a system in the complex and highly-competitive telecommunications and internet service markets…

Jefferson: Broadband coming to East Jefferson, but schedule is still unclear (Peninsula Daily) May 20, 2013

A broadband “backbone” bringing high-speed Internet to East Jefferson County will be in place by the end of the summer. But exactly when homes and businesses can enjoy the speedier service is still uncertain, according to a speaker at the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce meeting Monday.

San Juan: Is OPALCO ready for broadband? We don’t think so (Islands’ Weekly) May 20, 2013

No doubt that better and faster internet would bring economic, educational and communication benefits. Speaking personally, it is frustrating to pay Centurytel for 1.5 megabytes of download speed only to get as low as 0.02 Mbps or no internet at all. But we have grave concerns about OPALCO’s current business plan to venture into broadband business.

Jefferson: NoaNet, PUD on Chamber of Commerce agenda (Peninsula Daily) May 18, 2013

This Monday’s speaker will be Bill Graham, Jefferson County Public Utility District resource manager, on broadband service in East Jefferson County. NoaNet, the Northwest Open Access Network, also will be discussed.

Pend Oreille: iFiber Communications expands to Pend Oreille County (iFiber One) May 17, 2013

Joe Onley’s life got a little faster this week.
The Sacheen Lake resident was the first customer in the county to have a 100-megabyte connection installed by iFiber Communications on Tuesday. “This is going to change my life,” Onley said.

San Juan: Mulligan resigns from OPALCO Board (San Juan Islander) May 20, 2013

OPALCO is seeking a representative from District 1, which includes San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl, and Spieden Islands to serve on the Board of Directors after George Mulligan resigned.

King: How much bandwidth do you need? (Gigabit Seattle) May 14, 2013

I recently went to see Iron Man 3, and while I’ll leave the reviews to the critics, this geek found it quite cool to see an old friend featured in a scene. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) needed to access a server and was disappointed to find that he couldn’t due to the test he ran on popular Internet tool Speedtest.Net – showing a pretty standard 10 Meg signal. One thing leads to another, and Tony finds an ally to increase the power of the Internet signal (bandwidth) so he could continue to save the world.

Snohomish: Lake Stevens schools get quicker internet (Herald Net) May 16, 2013

Schools in the Lake Stevens School District are receiving faster connection to the Internet after the nonprofit Northwest Open Access Network helped the district upgrade to broadband over telephone cable lines.

San Juan: Upcoming meetings (OPALCO Broadband) May , 2013

OPALCO staff are out and about in the islands meeting with as many community and neighborhood groups as possible and hosting a series of public forums in June. Please let us know if you would like us to come and talk with your group.

San Juan: OPALCO broadband dead? (Smalldog Net Solutions) May 10, 2013

One of the harder things in life is to publicly admitting you were wrong. Often it’s easier to just stay the course on a decision and look for a way out, rather than admit you made a mistake.

Chelan: Lake Wenatchee fiber almost finished (Wenatchee World) May 9, 2013

The south shore’s new fiber-optics line is under construction. The poles are up, materials purchased and the cable partially strung.

Chelan: PUD to pay down $250 million in debt by 2017 (Wenatchee World) May 9, 2013

Now free of its contractual obligations to pay for dam upgrades and projects by issuing bonds, the Chelan County PUD plans to pay down total debt by about $250 million over the next five years.

Okanogan: Fiber project will overrun its budget (Pend Oreille River Valley) May 8, 2013

As the Pend Oreille Public Utility District and Internet service providers prepare to hook up their first fiber customers next week, the PUD is anticipating that the $34 million federal stimulus project will overrun its budget. But the PUD managers said they are still committed to connecting every home and business.

San Juan: Fun times at OPALCO meeting (Islands’ Sounder) May 7, 2013

“Stay in the business your in,” Lopez Island’s Bosco Bailey cautioned. “Live within your means.”

Naomi Aldort was more emphatic. “Some of us don’t want it, keep it the way it is,” she said.

Snohomish: Lake Stevens School District goes high tech with the help of federal grant money (Lake Stevens Journal) May 8, 2013

Personal computers have become the norm in some of Lake Stevens School District’s classrooms in the past month with the help of money from two different federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grants.

The grants, which totaled over $140 million were used to bring high speed internet, in the form of over 1,000 miles of broadband fiber, to rural communities within Snohomish County…

…”Broadband expands the realm of possibility for communities that lacked a high-speed Internet connection in the past,” said Greg Marney, NoaNet CEO. “In addition to improvements to medical care, schools, libraries, government, businesses and individuals, expanding broadband makes good economic sense by creating immediate jobs and attracting economic investment to these areas.”

Chelan: At least 11 apply for PUD’s top job (Wenatchee World) May 7, 2013

…The commission hopes to hire a new general manager by mid-June to give them a few weeks on the job before Janney leaves.

Chelan: PUD hires new communications manager (Wenatchee World) May 7, 2013

A woman with more than 25 years experience in public affairs is the Chelan County PUD’s new communications manager.

San Juan: OPALCO record voter turnout (OPALCO) May 6, 2013

OPALCO members broke all voting records with a whopping total of 2,577 ballots received (2,480 absentee and 97 on the ferry) – representing 24% of the membership, and surpassing the 2012 previous record of 1,913 ballots cast by 35%.

San Juan: OPALCO broadband pricing (OPALCO Web Site) May 2013

OPALCO Broadband, including high-speed Internet and phone services, will be offered for a total of $90/month (residential rate). This cost includes the $15 cooperative infrastructure fee that all co-op members will be asked to pay, as well as all taxes, fees, installation and equipment costs.

State: Updated broadband maps (Washington Department of Commerce) May, 2013

King: Municipal wi-fi through Bellevue Connect (Bellevue WA) May 5, 2013

Through BellevueConnect_Outdoor, the city offers Wi-Fi in the downtown core, flanked by 112th Avenue Northeast on the east, 100th Avenue Northeast on the west, Northeast Fourth Street on the south and Northeast Eighth Street on the north.

BellevueConnect_Outdoor is also available at Bellevue Downtown Park. The service is free and typically serves more than 5,000 users per week.

San Juan: Will I be able to purchase broadband services directly from OPALCO? (OPALCO Broadband) April 25, 2013

Our current plan would make OPALCO, or its subsidiary your Internet Service Provider (ISP), however the business structure is still under development. OPALCO is working with existing technology companies to transition the county to new data communications standards while retaining and incorporating local expertise in support of the new system.

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