2013 – June

San Juan: OPALCO broadband initiative shifted to more conservative approach (Gudgell Group) June 27, 2013

OPALCO has made a major shift in their approach to bringing high speed broadband to most island locations. Although they were able to get 900 members to invest up front, the 50% membership needed in advance was a daunting task. These initial investments ($90/membership) have been refunded to those individuals. Instead, OPALCO has shifted to a more conservative plan, which may be more doable without a huge upfront financial outlay.

Pend Oreille: Fiber work slowing down (Miner Online) June 26, 2013

Work on the fiber optic system in South Pend Oreille County is slowing down as the public utility district (PUD) reels in expenses due to cost overruns. Retail service providers are serving some customers with high speed Internet over the PUD system but are waiting on the PUD to hook up more.

Seattle: Why this ISP is wary of Seattle’s new gigabit internet provider (Geek Wire) June 25, 2013

There was a lot of excitement in Seattle on Monday after Washington D.C. broadband developer Gigabit Squared announced its residential rates for the ultra high-speed fiber network in Seattle it agreed to build last December.

Whitman: Cable becomes cash funnel for port (The Lewiston Tribune) June 25, 2013

A fiber-optic cable network completed last November has quickly become the second-biggest moneymaker for the Port of Whitman County.

The $14 million project, which runs from the Snake River north to Spokane, provides a high-speed telecommunications backbone across the entire county. The port leases the fiber to cellular phone companies, Internet service providers and other telecommunications firms, who then sell their services to retail customers. [Balance of article requires print subscription]

Seattle: Google Fiber competitor Gigabit Seattle prices service lower than Comcast (Hot Hardware) June 25, 2013

Whether or not Google launched its Google Fiber Internet service as a legitimate business venture or as a massive trolling measure to shake up the broadband market (as some believe), its effect has been evident in how ISPs are competing.

Seattle: Gigabit Seattle pricing revealed — less than Comcast, more than Google (Seattle Times) June 24, 2013

The first broadband provider piggybacking on Seattle’s government network announced today that it will charge $80 per month for the ultrafast service it will begin offering in pockets of the city this fall.

Seattle: Pricing, first areas for ultra-fast Seattle internet service announced (My Northwest) June 24, 2013

The Internet is about to get super fast in some parts of Seattle and it’s coming at a surprisingly affordable price.

Seattle: Gigabit Seattle unveils kickass pricing on ultra high speed broadband (The Stranger) June 24, 2013

Gigabit Seattle unveiled its pricing tiers for the fiber optic broadband service it will launch in select Seattle neighborhoods next year, and I have to say, I’m jealous: $45 a month for 100 Mbps down/up service, and $80 a month for 1000 Mbps. And that’s with no installation fees on a one year contract.

Seattle: Gigabit Squared unveils residential pricing for local ultra high speed fiber network service in Seattle (PR Newswire) June 24, 2013

Seattle: Seattle ultra high speed fiber network announces roll out plan (KING) June 23, 2013

The information superhighway is about to get faster in the city of Seattle.

Seattle: Capitol Hill, First Hill, CD neighborhoods and apartment buildings part of first wave of new Seattle gigabit broadband service (Capitolhillseattle.com) June 22, 2013

Gigabit Squared Seattle is building a high-speed fiber network to 14 areas of the city and said Monday its pipeline of broadband goodness will be ready to flow to the first service areas in Capitol Hill, the Central District and near UW by early 2014:

Yakima: Lower Valley getting faster internet service (Yakima Valley Herald) June 21, 2013

In Sunnyside, library patrons now have access to free Wi-Fi Internet access. Farther down the Valley, Grandview police officers are getting information via computers much faster in their patrol cars. That’s the kind of difference that faster Internet connections can make in rural communities as a result of a major build-out of fiber optic cable by the Northwest Open Access Network, or NoaNet.

Chelan: PUD finishes fiber rebuild (Wenatchee World) June 17, 2013

The Chelan County PUD has finished $525,000 in repair work on the fiber-optic cable destroyed in a series of December snow and wind storms, Chelan County PUD officials said in a Friday news release.

San Juan: OPALCO plots change in course for better broadband (OPALCO in Journal of the San Juan Islands) June 11, 2013

OPALCO has a vision for broadband in San Juan County: true high-speed internet service for all islanders.

Chelan: South shore fiber rebuild complete; Fiber storm repairs to wrap up June 21 (Chelan PUD) June 14, 2013

Rebuilding Chelan PUD’s fiber-optic system on the south shore of Lake Wenatchee is complete and end-users are urged to contact their service provider to restore service.

NoaNet: NoaNet among BTOP honorees (Broadband and Breakfast) June 5, 2013

The Northwest Open Access Network received an award in the Economic Development category. This category recognizes applications of technology to create business and job opportunities. This group has worked to expand broadband infrastructure across rural communities throughout the state of Washington.

King: CenturyLink says a city rule is putting Seattle behind on broadband (KIRO TV) June 6, 2013

The “SDOT Director’s Rule” came under fire in a company presentation to a Seattle City Council committee this week. The rule requires neighbors to sign off before CenturyLink can put in utility boxes.

San Juan: OPALCO downsizes broadband plan (San Juan Islander) June 8, 2013

OPALCO has a vision for broadband in San Juan County: true high-speed Internet service for all islanders.

Pierce: Click’s contracts should be available to public (The News Tribune) June 9, 2013

It seems pretty simple to us. When questions arise about how government is doing business, we get to look at the paperwork and decide for ourselves.

In January, customers of Tacoma’s public cable TV company Click lost six channels from Fisher Communications, including ABC-affiliate KOMO-TV, after contract negotiations between the two broke down.

San Juan: New direction for broadband (Islands’ Weekly) June 6, 2013

OPALCO has a vision for broadband in San Juan County: true high-speed Internet service for all islanders.

The plan that was proposed in February 2013 – to build a hybrid fiber-wireless system to serve 90 percent of San Juan County – has been challenging, particularly in terms of financial risk and member subscriptions required.

State: Broadband projects in Washington State get boost from $300,000 in grants (WA State Dept of Commerce) June 4, 2013

Broadband advocates in six counties and 10 tribal communities will spend the next year improving access and increasing broadband use in their part of the state. The five Local Technology Planning Teams will begin work this month thanks to $300,000 in grant money awarded by the Washington State Broadband Office of the Department of Commerce.

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