Broadband project brings high-speed internet to northwest Missouri (St. Joe Channel) July 17, 2013

The days of sitting and waiting for a computer to catch up are over from thousands here in northwest Missouri.
A multi-million dollar broadband project is nearing the end, leaving rural homes and businesses better connected.

City leaders meet with Google Fiber representative (Democrat Missourian) July 11, 2013

City leaders from northern Cass County are looking to form a relationship that may someday bring Google Fiber technology to the area.

For apartment building owners, Google Fiber can be a tough sell (Kansas City Star) June 30, 2013

Promising superspeed Internet connections might someday be as critical to drawing renters to apartments as off-street parking or on-site laundry machines.

Lee’s Summit latest Kansas City suburb getting Google’s high speed internet service (The Republic) June 21, 2013

Lee’s Summit is the ninth Kansas City area city to reach an agreement with Google Fiber since the service was first introduced to the area in 2012. Google Fiber plans to construct a high-speed broadband network that can transmit up to one gigabit of data per second, which is almost 100 times faster than conventional home broadband.

Google Fiber startups in Kansas City (NBC Bay Area) June 21, 2013

Google Fiber, the 1 Gbps high-speed Internet service that has been delivered to Kansas City, Kansas, seems to be attracting startups. Some of the reason is because of people like Ben Barreth, who created a house in Kansas City’s Startup Village (at his own expense) to offer rent-free accommodations for three months to entrepreneurs.

Broadband bill can lead companies to invest in Missouri (St Louis Post Dispatch) June 5, 2013

After reading the commentary May 30 written by several of our local representatives, “Bring next-generation connectivity to Missourians,” I also wanted to echo my support for HB 331 as the head of a local economic development group.

Marquand gets high speed internet (Daily Journal Online) June 2, 2013

Crews from Big River Broadband have installed a 10-foot tower on the roof to the Durso Hills Winery, and that means high-speed Internet will soon be available to the community.

Middle mile fiber optic line will move more data at faster speeds (Daily InterLake) June 1, 2013

For a company like Vubiquity, broadband access is everything. Chief Technology Officer Mike Kazmier said the video content provider, formerly known as Avail-TVN, would have loved to base its entire operation in Kalispell, but it has never been possible given the lack of affordable bandwidth in the region.

Missoula may soon see next generation broadband speed (KPAX) May 31, 2013

If you think your Internet service is pretty fast, wait till you meet next generation broadband.

High speed internet service coming to Marquand (Democrat News) May 29, 2013

This past Friday, crews from Big River Broadband installed a 10-foot tower on the roof of the Durso Hills Winery. And, according to Kevin Cantwell, Big River president, residents in the area will be able to obtain affordable high speed service.

Nixa Council hears from provider (Springfield News Leader) May 28, 2013

Shortly after it received some words of warning from one of the area’s major cable and Internet providers, the Nixa City Council approved a preliminary study of starting a municipal broadband system.

Little Rock School District announces fiber optic network agreement with Unit Private Networks (Wall Street Journal) May 16, 2013

The Little Rock School District (LRSD) is poised for major change with the signing of a long-term agreement with Unite Private Networks (UPN) to provide fiber-optic network services to the District. The nearly 65 mile fiber-optic network will connect 56 District facilities and provide a full Gigabit of bandwidth to each site. UPN plans to begin construction immediately and expects completion of the network by July 2014.

Google Fiber comes to Gladstone (Mashable) May 14, 2013

Gladstone, Missouri is the next city to get Google’s ultra-fast broadband service, Google Fiber. The news comes days after Google announced Fiber would be coming to the tiny town of Shawnee, Kansas. Google has also added Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah, to the growing-list of Fiber-enabled communities in the past two months.

Cass County broadband project dies (Democrat Missourian) February 27, 2013

The Cass County Broadband Project initiative has lost all of its steam.

Cass County Commissioners decided Feb. 25 that there is little to no feasibility left for the county’s broadband project, and made the decision to ultimately kill it during a public meeting by a 2-1 vote.

Google Fiber adds Grandview, MO to Kansas City buildout; captures one-third of homes in service area (Fierce Telecom) May 8, 2013

…When the service becomes available, it will enable residents to get higher speeds that local incumbent telcos and cable operators AT&T and Time Warner Cable can’t match. AT&T can deliver up to 10-25 Mbps over its existing copper network, while Time Warner Cable can deliver 50-100 Mbps over its HFC-based network infrastructure.

Bernstein: Google Fiber adoption numbers look good (DSL Broadband Reports) May 7, 2013

Google has been fairly tight lipped when it comes to hard take up numbers for their Google Fiber services, but a report this week by Bernstein Research indicates that around a third of the homes that can currently get Google Fiber are doing so. According to the survey, around ten to fifteen percent of those in Google Fiber’s footprint take the “free” service, which delivers 5 Mbps speeds for no monthly charge after users pay a $300 installation fee. Everyone else goes for the speedier symmetrical 1 Gbps offering for $70, which waives the installation fee.

Google Fiber earns good grades from early customers (Seattle Times) May 5, 2013

Installers show up on time. Headquarters often tells customers when something needs to be fixed without prompting. Unsolicited credits sometimes show up on bills to account for small service glitches.

City may connect to school district’s fiber optic network (The Missourian) April 25, 2013

Several possible vendors, including the Washington School District, are being explored to run fiber optic cabling, or a “virtual network” for the city.

Google to lease liNKCity Fiber in Missouri (Community Broadband Networks) April 18, 2013

Google Fiber is leasing fiber for transport from a small municipal FTTH network in North Kansas City. A recent Kansas City Business Journal article reports that Google finalized a deal with City Council for a 20-year agreement worth $3.2 million to lease fiber from liNKCity. This was more convenient for Google than laying (or attaching) its own fiber to get between areas it is building out

Google fiber begins to expand outside of Kansas City (GCN) March 21, 2013

Commercial providers and municipalities have clashed over whether municipalities could provide broadband on their own in areas where commercial service is not available. In 2011, for example, North Carolina, after years of lobbying by the cable and telecom industry, joined 19 other states in passing a law that would make it nearly impossible for cities to operate their own networks.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said at the time the law “will discourage municipal governments from addressing deployment in communities where the private sector has failed to meet broadband service needs.” Clyburn had earlier described the bill as “a significant barrier to broadband deployment and may impede local efforts to promote economic development.”

Nixa considers fiber investment (Community Broadband Networks) March 25, 2013

Located in the southwestern corner of Missouri, Nixa has joined the growing list of local communities fed up with slow Internet access. A recent Rance Birger News-Leader article, describes the frustration of local tech CEO, Jeremy Bartley. He is not the only business leader in Nixa who is not willing to accept the Internet status quo. Bartley is part of an organized effort to investigate the possibility of a municipal fiber network.

10 high-speed internet access poles to come in Wildwood (Eureka-Wildwood Patch) March 1, 2013

After years of city officials seeking high-speed Internet access solutions for the 3,000 households unserved or underserved in rural Wildwood, the latest update is about securing utility poles and possible recoupment of their cost.

Cass County broadband project dies (Democrat Missourian) February 27, 2013

The Cass County Broadband Project initiative has lost all of its steam.

Cass County Commissioners decided Feb. 25 that there is little to no feasibility left for the county’s broadband project, and made the decision to ultimately kill it during a public meeting by a 2-1 vote.

Is high-speed internet access the key to small towns’ survival (KBIA) February 20, 2013

Is high-speed Internet the way to attract more people to live in rural Missouri? One MU professor seems to think so. First – let’s dial back a little bit. In a story that KBIA aired on Feb. 13, our reporter Lukas Udstuen investigated the story of Goss, a rural town in Monroe County, Missouri. Its population? Zero.

Wildwood approves purchase to expand high-speed internet access (St. Louis Post Dispatch) February 13, 2013

The City Council unanimously approved on Monday night the purchase of utility poles in a bid to finally extend high-speed Internet service to residents.

Transmode ROADMs choice for SpringNet fiber-optic network – Lightwave (Light Wave Online) January 22, 2013

SpringNet, a division of City Utilities of Springfield, MO that provides metro Ethernet services, has upgraded its fiber-optic network using Transmode’s TM-Series platform with its ROADM-based Flexible Optical Networking technology.


Fast broadband enables tech job growth in Kansas City (Mandel on Innovation and Growth) November 15, 2012

The WSJ has a great article entitled “City’s Tech Pioneers See Strength in Numbers.”  The article discusses how the new ultrafast broadband being built by Google in Kansas City is already encouraging startups.

Municipal network SpringNet is great for local business (Community Broadband Networks) September 26, 2012

On September 11th, we interviewed Todd Murren, Director of SpringNet, for our Community Bradband Bits podcast. Todd told us the story of how travel giant Expedia, choseSpringfield, Missouri, as the location for their call center and how SpringNet services them with its high capacity network.

Grant to expand MSH broadband (Daily Statesman) September 5, 2012

Gov. Jay Nixon was in Dexter Wednesday morning to announce that Missouri Southern Healthcare is one of 11 recipients of government-funded grants that will be utilized to improve broadband service to the local medical community.

Electric cooperatives expand broadband in Missouri (Community Broadband Networks) May 23, 2012

Rural electric cooperatives were essential to expanding electricity throughout rural America after private sector business models overwhelmingly failed to electrify our farms over many decades. Electric coops embody the spirit of local community and local concerns. Cooperatives often have decades of experience with project planning and implementation. We have seen electric coops use their own existing resources as a starting point to expand broadband access to their community.

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