First Net: Mississippi halts BTOP program, Motorola Solutions accused of unsavory lobbying (Fierce Broadband Wireless) July 24, 2013

Frustrated over lack of access to 700 MHz spectrum now under the control of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), Mississippi’s Wireless Communications Commission froze construction on its $56 million LTE network for public safety, a project that was nearly 80 percent complete.

Mississippi’s broadband safety network runs into interruptions (Miami Herald) July 21, 2013

Mississippi’s attempt to become the first state to build a high-tech, potentially life-saving broadband network that can beam videos and data to police, firefighters and medical teams during emergencies has come to a halt, stalled by bureaucratic and financial hurdles.

Rural high-speed internet needs may get help (Natchez Democrat) July 13, 2013

Local residents without high-speed internet may soon be getting help from the Mississippi Public Service Commission.

Bringing broadband to Mississippi (WREG) July 10, 2013

Think it’s just poor people in rural areas that have problems getting internet service? Think again. DeSoto Supervisor Harvey Lee went years without it.

Need internet? PSC’s Presley seeks greater access for state residents (Digital Journal) July 8, 2013

Mississippi residents without high-speed Internet service, the Public Service Commission wants to hear from you.

Groups work to bring internet to rural areas (SF Gate) May 28, 2013

Internet connectivity is spreading through rural Mississippi but there is still work to be done. Internet access needs can vary widely and adoption of this connectivity still remains a hurdle, say groups working on these challenges.

Rural south still without high-speed Internet (Black Enterprise) November 26, 2012

It may be surprising that although the United States is lauded for its innovation, opportunity and wealth, the nation lags behind many countries including Finland, South Korea and Singapore when it comes to Internet access. Several areas across the country lack access to modern high-speed Internet with Mississippi being one of the states in dire need of help.

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