Call to investigate Groton cable TV company comes up short (The Day) July 2, 2013

Groton City Councilor Jay Dempsey asked Monday for an independent investigation into whether anything “improper” was done regarding the failed cable venture Thames Valley Communications, but his colleagues refused to support it.

Thames Valley Communication beefs up their service for free (Stonington-Mystic Patch) May 22, 2013

…Patch reported earlier that the cable company was recently sold by the City of Groton to CTP Investors, LLC for $150,000 after the city continued to lose money in the venture. Bill Pearson, the company’s new president and CEO said at the time, “We intend to be actively involved in the community. If we have one message for the citizens and businesses of the Thames Valley, it is that the TVC is here to stay and we hope you continue to support this local business.”

Let Groton Democrats finish job they started (The Day) May 1, 2013

Who cares? Most people don’t. As a resident of the City of Groton, I was elated to support adding Thames Valley Communications to the benefits that residents enjoy. As with any business venture, the recession took its toll on our upstart company

Mayor showed leadership in TVC crisis (The Day) April 29, 2013

If there is any positive aspect to the disaster that befell Thames Valley Communications and saddled the City of Groton with $27.5 million in debt, it is the reinvigoration of politics in the city. Two years ago the Republican Party, demoralized by years of Democratic dominance, fielded but one council candidate.

$38 million vanished in Groton unnoticed (The Day) April 29, 2013

“I may have been born at night but not last night.” It is hard to believe the City of Groton lost $38 million and no one knew about it. None of the elected officials, no one on the utilities commission, department heads, or personnel, and no one connected to the former Thames Valley Communications (TVC).

Groton city residents low priority for leaders (The Day-Opinion) April 29, 2013

It is important to respond to the op-ed by Paul Yatcko, director of Groton Utilities, “Consultant hire good outlay for Groton City,” (April 24), which concerned the City of Groton using a “public relations” firm for advice about the Thames Valley Communications downfall.

Will TVC debacle end Democrats’ dominance? (The Day) April 28, 2013

Mayor Marian Galbraith and her fellow Democrats who control the Groton City Council face a difficult task in trying to convince voters they deserve re-election for the way she, and they, handled the Thames Valley Communications debacle.

Sales director at Thames Valley Communications (Fierce Wireless) April 19, 2013

Are you an experienced, successful Cable TV Sales Manager? Do you want to be more entrepreneurial, have an opportunity to grow and work with a great team? Are you a self-starter who has the energy to drive growth?

Independently probe Thames Valley Communications sale debacle (The Day) March 25, 2013

The recent downfall of the Thames Valley Communications (TVC), owned by Groton Utilities (GU), which in turn is owned by City of Groton taxpayers, can best be described as a managerial disaster. Selling the business valued at $21 million, for the small and ridiculous price of $550 thousand is completely absurd.

Fiber-optic network among projects in Tolland capital plan (Journal Inquirer) February 25, 2013

A fiber-optic network that connects town facilities, construction of an artificial turf athletic field, and various road work are some of the main projects included in the town manager’s proposed capital budget

Wilton finance board rejects fiber-optic network, again (The Hour) February 13, 2013

A majority of members on the Board of Finance voted Tuesday against endorsing a fiber-optic network that would create a data link between town facilities.
The board voted 5-0, with one abstention, to reject bonding a $1.5 million project that would connect the information systems of Wilton Public Schools, the library, Town Hall offices and public safety departments.

Sales of Thames Valley Communications is official  (The Day) February 1, 2013

The city officially signed over Thames Valley Communications to its new owners today.

Groton Utilities prepared to assume TVC debt as sale nears (The Day) January 30, 2013

In consecutive meetings Tuesday afternoon, the Groton Utilities Commission and Thames Valley Communications Board of Directors each unanimously approved companion resolutions authorizing the transfer of debt from TVC to Groton Utilities.

Groton City Council ready to close cable TV deal (The Day) January 23, 2013

The City Council on Tuesday reaffirmed its commitment to the investment management firm poised to take ownership of Thames Valley Communications, the municipally-owned cable and Internet company.

Groton city will transfer ownership of cable company to investment group (Groton Patch) January 15, 2013

Mayor Marian Galbraith and the City Council are continuing to move forward with the transfer of ownership of Thames Valley Communications to CTP Investors, LLC.  An initial offer from CTP Investors, an investment management firm specializing in building broadband, cable TV and wireless business, was announced in November, 2012.

Original bidder to buy Groton cable company, but at higher price (The Day) January 15, 2013

The city is moving forward with the sale of Thames Valley Communications, accepting a more lucrative offer that increases the sale price from $150,000 to $550,000.

Groton voters deserve full information on TVC mess (The Day) January 13, 2013

It is not elected individuals or the appointed elite who alone manage our great society, but rather the ordinary citizens who contribute extraordinary ideas, commitment and ideology. Yet in the case of trying to block the planned sale of Thames Valley Communications until more could be learned about its disastrous financial performance, ordinary citizens were ignored.

City evaluating other offers to buy Thames Valley Communications (Groton Patch) January 10, 2013

Mayor Marian Galbraith said an investment firm is looking at the offers to see if they are viable and offer any better value than the sale to CTP for $150,000.

How a promising idea went terribly wrong in Groton (Patch) January 6, 2013

Groton City borrowed $34.5 million to build an independent cable company to give viewers choice. Last month, it sold Thames Valley Communications for $150,000 to the only taker.

Democracy failed in TVC sale deal  (The Day-Letter) January 5, 2013

I agree with most of attorney Matthew Shafner’s comments in The Day, “Personal attacks endanger governance,” Jan. 2.Who can object to motherhood, apple pie, and the warm fuzzy side of democracy at work? Unfortunately, regarding the divestiture of Thames Valley Communications, we are confronted with the dark, dank underbelly of democracy:


The sale of TVC saving the city (The Day-Letters) December 25, 2012

Concerning the recent decision by the City of Groton to sell Thames Valley Communications: As a business owner I must applaud the city for having made the difficult decision to sell TVC.

Sale of Thames Valley Communications ok’d by Groton City Council (The Day) December 18, 2012The City Council on Monday voted unanimously to sell the state’s only municipally owned cable and Internet company and sever ties to a business that has been losing millions of dollars a year since it was launched in 2004.

Technicality dooms petition to block sale of Groton cable company (The Day) December 7, 2012A petition calling for a halt to the sale of Thames Valley Communications has been rejected on technical grounds on the advice of the city’s attorney.

Muni-cable venture for sale in Groton, CT (Fair Competition Alliance) December 7, 2012News today comes from the Northeast town of Groton, CT where The Day reports that Groton Utilities’ venture into cable an ambitious idea that didn’t pan out. The town of Groton has voted to sell its municipally-owned cable and Internet venture. Congratulations!

Petitioners oppose sale of Groton cable firm (The Day) December 6, 2012

Frustrated by a perceived lack of transparency, a group of city residents have signed a petition in opposition to the proposed sale of Thames Valley Communications.

The petition was submitted to the city clerk on Wednesday and calls for a repeal of a Nov. 19 vote by the City Council that initially approved sale of the municipally owned cable and Internet provider, a subsidiary of Groton Utilities, for $150,000.

Groton Utilities’ venture into cable an ambitious idea that didn’t pan out (The Day) December 2, 2012

In the late 1990s, at a time when sluggish dial-up Internet access was still commonplace, the creation of a broadband network in the City of Groton was a cutting-edge idea.

Groton Utilities, municipally owned and successful, had already established itself in the electricity and water business. With the town’s permission in 2001 and state approval in 2004, the utility jumped into the competitive business of providing cable and Internet access.

Fiber network project gets back on track (Acorn Online) November 15, 2012

The townwide fiber network project is back on track, after the committee charged with reviewing and clarifying the plan voted to recommend it to the Board of Selectmen at a meeting last night. Three out of five members of the townwide network committee voted for the recommendation after a meeting and public hearing. Voting yes were: Sandy Dennies, the town’s chief financial officer; Jim Saxe, a member of the Board of Selectmen; and Janice Hess of Wilton Library’s board of trustees. Laura Schwemm, a member of the Board of Education abstained, along with Al Alper, Board of Finance member.

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