Longmont to vote a 3rd time on fiber network (Community Broadband Networks) July 26, 2013

The Longmont community will soon have the chance to decide how quickly they want ubiquitous FTTH. On July 23rd, the City Council unanimously approved a proposal to ask voters in a referendum if they want to bond for funds to speed up construction of the LPC fiber network. Absent bond financing, the network will expand much more slowly over many years.

Grant recipient still snubbing audit panel (Northern Colorado Business Report) July 26, 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance continues to withhold information from the State Legislative Audit Committee, leaving lawmakers unable to determine if the Broomfield-based federal broadband grant recipient is meeting its obligations to Colorado residents.

Longmont City Council looking at how to fund fiber optic loop (Times Call) July 22, 2013

That’s the question on tap tonight for the Longmont City Council. The city plans to make its high-speed fiber-optic loop available to every home that wants it and to do the buildout in three years.

Legislative audit committee requests documents, appearance from Eagle-Net (Steamboat Pilot) July 19, 2013

The Colorado Legislative Audit Committee has requested representatives from EAGLE-Net appear at a public hearing and provide documents requested the last time the statewide broadband project was before the committee.

Colorado legislative audit committee seeks answers from Eagle-Net (Denver Post) July 17, 2013

Colorado lawmakers want answers from EAGLE-Net, a controversial broadband project that is at least a year behind schedule despite already spending nearly all of its $100.6 million federal grant.

Fiber power (Boulder Weekly) July 3, 2013

When is a big, bad city government the little guy? When it’s going up against corporations and their trade associations that have shown they aren’t afraid to bend the truth.

Eight counties band togethter to boost broadband access (Aspen Business Journal) July 2, 2013

The effort, spearheaded by the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG), is focused on improving access to broadband for an eight county area, consisting of Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, and Summit counties, the city of Glenwood Springs and town of Carbondale.

Congress’ Walden, Murphy raise questions about Eagle-Net middle mile network (Fierce Telecom) June 24, 2013

Colorado’s troubled EAGLE-Net middle mile network is now facing scrutiny from Communications Subcommittee chairman Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee chairman Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.).

Search is on for broadband solutions in Summit County (Summit Daily) June 23, 2013

At the height of ski season, Summit County’s economy is booming. Hotels are full, lift lines are long and restaurants are on waitlists. And then, at the time the local economy needs them the most, credit card machines go down.

Boulder and Xcel battle for 5,800 county customers (KRQE) June 24, 2013

Boulder County and Xcel Energy are fighting over 5,800 Boulder County electric customers that city leaders want to claim for a possible municipal utility.

Q&A with Sen. Mark Udall on immigration, tracking, GMO’s Boulder municipalization (Daily Camera) June 22, 2013

Q: What’s your opinion of Boulder’s exploration of a possible municipal electric utility — in part on the basis that officials feel it could use more renewable energy sources than Xcel Energy — and what role do you feel smaller, public utilities will play in America’s energy future?

Rep.Walden and Murray seek NTIA for CO Eagle-Net document, answers (Broadcasting & Cable) June 21, 2013

House Energy & Commerce Committee leaders Thursday registered their continuing concern over the EAGLE-Net broadband stimulus grant with the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, which handed out the subsidy and oversees its progress.

Longmont gets ready for ultrafast broadband (Boulder County Business Report) June 21, 2013

Sixteen years ago, the city of Longmont began to bring to life its vision of a completely connected city using state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology. At that time, Platte River Power Authority and Longmont Power & Communications, or LPC, installed an 18-mile fiber-optic loop for electrical substation management and other communications functions.

Eagle-Net expects high speed internet available by September (Mountain Mail) June 12, 2013

After being halted in December, EAGLE-Net’s construction to 29 school districts west of I-25 began this month and is expected to make high-speed Internet service available to school districts in Salida, Buena Vista, Westcliffe and Cotopaxi by September.

Moffat County computer users still waiting for high-speed internet (Daily Journal) June 13, 2013

Moffat County government offices and the Moffat County School District are struggling with low-speed Internet connections until they can get hooked up to a new statewide computer system, hurting their ability to get their work done.

Eagle-Net officials visit Moffat County, Craig about broadband services (Craig Daily Press) June 11, 2013

EAGLE-Net representatives visited Moffat County on Tuesday for the first time in five weeks, highlighting the procedures and problems that the broadband Internet alliance currently is facing.

Audit finds “natural weaknesses” with Eagle-Net’s accounting (Denver Post) June 1, 2013

Independent auditors uncovered a handful of “material weaknesses” with EAGLE-Net Alliance’s internal controls, including the intergovernmental entity’s cash management and cost allocations.

Audit finds problems with Eagle Net’s accounting (9 News) June 2, 2013

Another stimulus fraud? We think so (Mountain Valley News-Opinion) May 29, 2013

It sounded like such a good idea: Form a public/private partnership, dump in a few dollars of so-called stimulus money and bring a functional broadband network into every school in Colorado. Who could argue against such a plan?

Despite its flaws, Eagle Net has impacts on broadband resources in Yampa Valley (Steamboat Pilot) May 26, 2013

The news came on the morning of May 16: The South Routt School District would not be connected to the EAGLE-Net statewide broadband project.

Eagle-Net to resume broadband construction next month (Northern Colorado Business Report) May 22, 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance representatives plan to resume broadband network construction during the first week of June after the federal government lifted a five-month suspension of the quasi-governmental group’s activities.

Longmont fiber network gets ok to proceed (Longmont Weekly) May 19, 2013

The Longmont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to keep moving ahead with the city’s plans for a citywide fiber-optic Internet service.

Broadband project asks for support (Durango Herald) May 15, 2013

Federal auditors tasked with reviewing a much-criticized statewide broadband Internet project funded with $100.6 million in federal stimulus money have a host of additional issues to examine during a scheduled audit of the project now underway.

Longmont City Council ok’s proceeding with fiber network (Times Call) May 15, 2013

The Longmont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to keep moving ahead with the city’s plans for a citywide fiber-optic Internet service.

The “no free market” internet racket (Sky Valley Chronicle) May 15, 2013

Today, high-speed broadband services offered by these national carriers cost more than $500 a year and even more when customers are forced to bundle Internet access with cable or phone packages. These rates put access out of reach for millions.

Launch of Eagle Net broadband weeks away, again (Montrose Daily Press) May 15, 2013

In early December 2012, Eagle-Net Alliance, the publicly funded organization responsible for installing thousand miles of fiber-optic Internet line to connect schools and government agencies across the state, had its federal funding suspended, bringing an immediate halt to construction.

Eagle Net being audited, not investigated (Boulder County Business Report) May 13, 2013

The U.S. Office of Inspector General said Monday that Rep. Cory Gardner’s office mischaracterized the agency’s review of records at Broomfield-based EAGLE-Net, saying its presence at the company’s offices last week is part of an “audit” not an investigation.

Businesses lining up for service in Longmont (Community Broadband Networks) May 13, 2013

In January, Longmont Power and Communications (LPC) announced they would begin connecting businesses located within 500 feet of the existing network. As we reported, local businesses were chomping at the bit to get hooked up and enjoy the high-speed next generation network. Even without efforts at marketing or advertising, more businesses have added themselves to the queue.

About 20 businesses turn out to hear Longmont Power’s pitch for fiber access (Longmont Times) May 9, 2013

There was a soft but audible gasp from a couple of the audience members who attended a presentation Thursday afternoon discussing the city’s fiber optic network and how businesses can get hooked up to it.

Inspector General urged to thoroughly examine Eagle-Net’s finances (Denver Post) May 9, 2013

The Office of Inspector General is planning an audit of Broomfield-based EAGLE-Net Alliance, the recipient of a $100.6 federal broadband grant that has faced intense scrutiny over its network rollout and spending over the past year, according to Colorado Representatives Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton.

Eagle-Net seeks operator for its broadband network (9 News) May 8, 2013

An entity working to expand high-speed Internet service in Colorado is seeking an outside company to operate its broadband network under a revenue-sharing partnership – and to invest $8 million.

Eagle Net seeks third party to manage Colorado broadband network (Denver Post) May 7, 2013

After spending nearly all of a $100.6 million federal grant while meeting less than half of its goal of connecting the vast majority of the state’s school districts to a broadband network, EAGLE-Net Alliance is now soliciting a third-party company to manage day-to-day operations and provide the project with an $8 million cash infusion.

Eagle Net $7.8 million remaining from $100.6 million broadband grant (Denver Post) May 7, 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance has $7.8 million remaining from a $100.6 million federal grant that the much-maligned organization received in 2010 to connect Colorado school districts to a high-speed Internet network, a project that’s less than half complete.

With the organization fresh off a five-month suspension, EAGLE-Net president Mike Ryan told the Southwest Colorado Council of Governments on Friday that the remaining funds will be used to build a fiber-optic network to the 29 school districts and community boards that federal officials have placed on a priority list.

Congressman Gardner statement on NTIA lifting Eagle Net’s suspension (Congressman Cory Gardner) May 5, 2013

“The suspension should not have been lifted until all of the problems and issues of government competition had been worked out. We’re still waiting on an overdue state review of EAGLE-Net’s operations, and federally we are preparing to ask the Inspector General’s office to conduct its own audit of EAGLE-Net’s finances and sustainability…

Four co-ops get $126M in RUS loans (Electric Co-op Today) May 6, 2013

Westminster, Colo.-based Tri-State G&T will receive a nearly $73 million loan to upgrade generation and transmissions facilities and 50 miles of transmission line and to build a substation. Included in that loan is $18 million for smart grid projects. The G&T generates and delivers electricity to its 44 member systems in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Longmont’s fiber optic loop is already attracting customers, even before a formal business plan has been announced (Longmont Times) May 4, 2013

With no promotion and no outreach to businesses, a few have already signed up to become subscribers to the city’s loop, and another 40 or so have contacted Vince Jordan, broadband services manager for Longmont Power & Communications.

Eagle Net reduces scope, regains access to stimulus money (Denver Business Journal) May 1, 2013

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) on Tuesday lifted a suspension of Broomfield-based Eagle-Net Alliance’s $100.6 million federal stimulus grant, which it won in 2010.

Eagle Net suspension lifted, paving way for new broadband access in Moffat and Routt counties (April 30, 2013

High-speed broadband Internet service could be on its way to school districts in Moffat and Routt counties after the National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced Tuesday that it lifted its stop construction order against the maligned EAGLE-Net Alliance.

NTIA to lift Eagle-Net suspension, broadband project needs more money (Denver Post) April 30, 2013

The federal government will disclose Tuesday that it is allowing EAGLE-Net Alliance to resume the buildout of a taxpayer-funded high-speed Internet network aiming to connect the majority of Colorado’s school districts, many of them in dire need of additional bandwidth.

Internet project for rural Colorado back on track (Ventura County Star) April 30, 2013

A three-year project funded with $100 million in federal stimulus money is back on track as an organization seeks to link more than 170 Colorado communities with a high-speed Internet connection that was on hold for months.

Eagle-Net can resume $100 million network buildout in Colorado, says NTIA (Fierce Telecom) April 30, 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance got the green light from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to restart network construction on its middle mile network serving school districts and other local organizations throughout Colorado.

Eagle-Net asked to submit more docuents to legislative committee (Denver Post) April 16, 2013

The quasi-government entity responsible for extending high-speed Internet access to underserved school districts throughout the state is being asked to submit more documents to the Colorado Legislative Audit Committee.

Information superhighway doesn’t reach Dove Creek (Durango Herald) April 10, 2013

Bryce Capron started downloading a computer game at 9 p.m. Monday. The next morning, more than 12 hours later, the program was only 19 percent finished.

Municipalize cable instead of energy in Boulder (Daily Camera) March 27, 2013

Maybe the city ought to start small and municipalize the cable TV and Internet system first. More of us would save money, for one thing: Houses with PV systems (subsidized by Xcel) already probably spend more on cable and Internet service than they do on electricity, as do the majority of units in multifamily housing.

Fort Morgan council ok’s study of fiber optic network (Fort Morgan Times) March 26, 2013

The Fort Morgan City Council last Tuesday night unanimously approved spending up to $40,000 on a study of the city’s fiber optic network infrastructure.

Lawmakers allege Eagle-Net waste (Boulder County Business Report) March 15, 2013

A $100.6 million federal grant awarded to Broomfield-based EAGLE-Net Alliance as part of the economic stimulus has drawn fire from lawmakers who question whether it is wasting taxpayer dollars to compete against companies that already sell high-speed broadband in rural areas.

Eagle-Net broadband project could have suspension lifted in a month (Denver Post) March 8, 2013

Under suspension since December, aproject connecting Colorado’s school districtsto a high-speed Internet network is on target to resume work in about a month.
EAGLE-Net Alliance, armed with a $100.6 million federal broadband grant, was suspended by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration after changing its buildout plans without first receiving required environmental and historic preservation approvals.

Eagle-Net broadband project in Steamboat Springs struggles launch (Denver Post) March 3, 2013

The potential benefits of a much-maligned broadband-expansion project funded largely with taxpayer dollars, as well as its shortfalls, are on display in the ski-resort town of Steamboat Springs

Erie puts off pursuit of high-speed municipal broadband service (Colorado Hometown Weekly) February 27, 2013

Erie’s elected leaders decided Tuesday night, Feb. 26, not to move ahead with a detailed analysis of what a townwide high-speed broadband network might look like, instead opting to survey residents first to gauge their level of interest in such a venture.

What exactly is Eagle-Net? (Durango Herald) February 26, 2013

Legislators got more questions than answers Tuesday when they grilled officials from the group that is building a fiber-optic line to Silverton and other rural towns in Colorado.

The fight to bring high-speed internet to rural America (The Takeaway) February 26, 2013

Around the world two billion people now regularly use the Internet. But in rural America, as recently as 2011, only 60 percent of households have internet access.

Lawmakers grill Eagle-Net broadband officials as federal funds dry up (Denver Post) February 26, 2013

EAGLE-Net Alliance, the taxpayer-funded broadband project aiming to connect every school district in Colorado to a high-speed fiber-optic network, has burned through the majority of its $100.6 million federal grant while reaching less than a quarter of its designated institutions.

Eagle-Net broadband controversy set for congressional hearings (Denver Business Journal) February 25, 2013

Eagle-Net Alliance, a Colorado fiber-optic network program, should figure prominently in congressional hearings Wednesday about troubled broadband expansion projects funded by federal stimulus dollars

Colorado legislative audit committee to review Eagle-Net project (Denver Post) February 24, 2013

After facing months of public scrutiny from Republican lawmakers and rural carriers over the build-out of its taxpayer-funded broadband network, EAGLE-Net Alliance may finally provide some answers this week.

Congress to review suspended Eagle-Net broadband project next week (Denver Post) February 22, 2013

Congressional lawmakers have scheduled a hearing for Wednesday to review the effectiveness of federal funding on broadband expansion, and a controversial Colorado project is expected to be part of the discussion.

FirstNet ready to resume early public-safety LTE projects (Fierce Broadband Wireless) February 13, 2013

At its third public meeting, the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) board voted unanimously to start a process that could enable seven public-safety jurisdictions to resume LTE network deployments they were forced to halt last spring. The board also announced a number of outreach efforts, which could counter criticism that it is being elitist and secretive about its work on the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network.

Eagle-Net internet plans remain on hold (Mountain Mail) February 12, 2013

Exact plans for EAGLE-Net’s Internet service in Chaffee County remain unclear after the company’s funding to build a statewide, high-speed broadband network was put on hold late last year, company officials said recently.

In December the National Telecommunications and Information Administration suspended a grant to EAGLE-Net, the Educational Access Gateway Learning Environment Network Alliance. The suspension put a halt to construction of the company’s network.

Waste is seen in program to give internet access to rural US (New York Times) February 12, 2013

The bank is gone from this once-thriving ranching and farming community on Colorado’s windblown eastern plain, as are the dairies, the hotel and the Union Pacific depot. The post office remains, at the corner of Main Street and First Avenue, the intersection of the town’s two paved streets.

Stimulus money going to waste in Colorado (9 News) February 7, 2013

A $100-million stimulus program designed to connect rural schools and town governments to a fiber optic network is being accused of wasting tax money and putting jobs at risk.

An Analysis of the Processes and Benefits of Middle-Mile Broadband Projects (Colorado Eagle-Net) February 2013

Some opponents of the EAGLE-Net project have made claims in the media and online of “overbuilding” private networks. EAGLE-Net believes these claims are inaccurate and made out of context, and sought to obtain an outside expert opinion on these issues. Columbia Telecommunications Corporation (CTC) of Kensington, Maryland studied and published a report on these issues in their paper, EAGLE-Net in Context: An Analysis of the Processes and Benefits of Middle-Mile Broadband Projects, which was completed in late 2012. This paper takes a research approach to address “overbuilding” claims in context, and identifies the benefits to both the public and private sector of the EAGLE-Net project.

Eagle-Net names interim president (Boulder County Business Report) January 18, 2013

Telecommunications industry veteran Michael Ryan has been named interim president of EAGLE-Net Alliance, an intergovernmental entity building a 4,600-mile, high-speed, fiber-optic network.

Eagle-Net names interim president (Boulder County Business Report) January 18, 2013

Telecommunications industry veteran Michael Ryan has been named interim president of EAGLE-Net Alliance, an intergovernmental entity building a 4,600-mile, high-speed, fiber-optic network.


Boulder one step closer to city-owned utility(KUNC and Boulder County Business Report) November 21, 2012

Boulder has taken another step toward creation of its own electric utility.Boulder County Business Report publisher Chris Wood discusses how the city will use data to make its decision.

US taxpayers being forced to subsidize federal initiative to put rural telecommunications out of business (Letter to NTIA from CO Congressmen) September 17, 2012

As you know, Colorado’s EAGLE-Net Alliance was awarded a $100.6 million grant in September 2012 from the US Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunity Program…

Stimulus-funded project irks some rural telecoms in Colorado (Denver Business Journals) September 7, 2012

A statewide broadband expansion project backed by $100 million in federal stimulus money is drawing complaints it creates unfair competition for some rural telecoms.

Public meetings scheduled about city of Longmont broadband services (Longmont Times) July 6, 2012

Longmont Power & Communications will be holding two public information meetings in order to facilitate communication about the City’s broadband infrastructure and potential uses.

Local cooperative concerned with proposed fiber project (Holyoke Enterprise) June 28, 2012

After learning of plans for a fiber-optic project in the Holyoke area, Phillips County Telephone Company, d/b/a PC Telcom, became a bit concerned, as they recently finished installing fiber throughout the area.

Tuesday night, June 19, PC Telcom CEO Vince Kropp attended the Holyoke City Council meeting to let council members know PC Telcom is interested in providing input into the permit process. Kropp said he realizes the city council needs a neutral permit process but still has a few remaining questions regarding EAGLE-Net-the company planning to install fiber to schools, libraries, hospitals and government entities throughout Colorado.

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