Low-income family access to internet focus of Cox plan (The City Wire) July 25, 2013

As business and political leaders in Arkansas begin work on how to improve broadband access to public schools in the state, one of the leading cable and Internet providers in the state is rolling out a program to reach low-income K-12 students.

Pulaski Technical College to host broadband network seminar (Fox 16) May 28, 2013

Pulaski Technical College is set to open its doors for the public to learn what the Arkansas e-Link statewide broadband network can do for them.

District to add $5.2 million fiber optic network (Arkansas Online) May 27, 2013

The Little Rock School District is taking steps to supercharge access to the Internet at all of its schools – minimizing any drag in service, regardless of how many computers and tablets are in use or how many video conferences are taking place at any one time

Results mixed with municipal cable systems (The City Wire) April 3, 2012

As the date nears for Siloam Springs’ residents to decide if they want a city-owned broadband system, debate on the success of such programs nationwide continues. And while it’s hard to argue the success that two other Arkansas cities have had as cable and Internet providers, critics say they are products of another time.

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