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FCA urges FCC to work in collaboration with states, not preempt their authority

The Fair Competition Alliance today filed public comments with the Federal Communications Commission in response to petitions from Chattanooga Electric Power Board and the city of Wilson, NC asking the FCC to intervene to preempt state government authority over municipal broadband … Continue reading

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PUD to get out of battery-backup business for fiber-based telephones

The PUD’s latest effort to lower fiber-optic system costs could result in slightly higher monthly fees for some customers who receive telephone service over the PUD’s fiber-optics network. via PUD to get out of battery-backup business for fiber-based telephones.  

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PUD trends signal $92.5 million in year-end balances at Chelan PUD

The people of Chelan County should read the news with satisfaction. Their public utility is on course to finish the year $10 million ahead of budget. If trends continue, Chelan County PUD will end the year $92.5 million in the … Continue reading

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Finally, an opinion that puts the blame where it belongs

In today’s Wire Opinion, Don’t Blame Big Cable. It’s Local Governments That Choke Broadband Competition, we finally have a view of the local broadband world that begins to capture the reality facing incumbent Internet providers. Here’s the key: Deploying broadband … Continue reading

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Reason says U.S. facitilities-based broadband competition is key to continued growth

Don’t miss the article from Reason on the United States’ expanding broadband access: First, some plain and simple good news. The White House this month released a report on broadband growth finding that since 2009, the percentage of American homes reached by high-speed … Continue reading

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Opaque OPALCO not the solution for Island broadband

This well-reasoned, well-documented op-ed from OPALCO members, Chris and Chom Greacens, is a must read for members of the Orcas Power and Light Cooperative who want to understand the risks associated with their electric co-op’s proposal to build and deliver … Continue reading

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U.S. Broadband Policy and Competitiveness

The Council on Foreign Relations U.S. Broadband Policy and Competitiveness  published today an excellent primer on the current issues and debates of broadband. It stops short of taking a position on municipal entry, but explains very well the nature of the broadband … Continue reading

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