About FCA

The Fair Competition Alliance is committed to assuring that all citizens of Washington have access to high-speed Internet broadband services. Government resources can help to realize this goal in the most remote areas, but scarce public resources should not be used to duplicate private broadband facilities that already exist throughout the most of the state. Government — using taxpayer and electric ratepayer-subsidized pricing — should not compete with private enterprise.

Our chief objective is to work with local and state leaders to promote policies on public broadband that will assure full, cost-effective, and fair Internet access to broadband consumers throughout the state.

On this site we provide unedited connections to news on public broadband efforts from around the state and the country.  These decisions — both good and bad — affect the broadband futures of the local communities in which they are being made. Through this site’s blog we provide our own thoughts about how best to achieve full and lasting broadband coverage and offer others the opportunity to join the discussion. As well, we will share our periodic research and the research of others on the problems and pitfalls of public broadband.

1 Response to About FCA

  1. Tom Blanford says:

    17 Years And Still Waiting
    You people are a total JOKE

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