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Opaque OPALCO not the solution for Island broadband

This well-reasoned, well-documented op-ed from OPALCO members, Chris and Chom Greacens, is a must read for members of the Orcas Power and Light Cooperative who want to understand the risks associated with their electric co-op’s proposal to build and deliver … Continue reading

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U.S. Broadband Policy and Competitiveness

The Council on Foreign Relations U.S. Broadband Policy and Competitiveness  published today an excellent primer on the current issues and debates of broadband. It stops short of taking a position on municipal entry, but explains very well the nature of the broadband … Continue reading

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USDA announces another round of rural broadband funding

USDA announces another round of rural broadband funding through its Community Connect program. Go here for the rules for this round. In its announcement the department notes: In addition to Community Connect grants, USDA Rural Development provides loans and loan guarantees … Continue reading

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Muni Broadband is Still a Net Money Loser, says Reason

A shift to more interventionist government has led …several states, mindful of the checkered financial history of such efforts, and fearing the fiscal liability they pose, have been drafting legislation to rein in these projects which, when they fail, leave … Continue reading

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More on (non) monopoly broadband

Here’s a good smack-down from Mike Wendy of Media Freedom on claims of a broadband monopoly in the US: Importantly, the upshot of this is that no one is dominant. No one has control. The ability to bend a market to … Continue reading

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