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FCC broadband progress report, the rest of the story

The FCC released its 8th progress report and map on broadband deployment across the country. In it announcement the Commission notes: The nation has made significant progress expanding high-speed Internet access in recent years, but further implementation of major reforms … Continue reading

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Chattanooga’s Smart Grid: The Real Cost to Taxpayers » Coalition for the New Economy

In Chattanooga’s Smart Grid: The Real Cost to Taxpayers  the Coalition for the New Economy estimates that the area’s smart grid system will cost taxpayers $173.3 million more than originally estimated.

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Muni attitudes toward debt defaults may jeopardize their low-interest borrowing

Several recent Wall Street Journal articles have discussed (possible) municipal debt defaults. The Muni Blues article included pictures of Wenatchee (Washington) city officials in a legislative hearing last session. Two related WSJ articles discuss Berkshire Hathaway trimming its muni holdings and the SEC seeking to … Continue reading

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How can government-owned enterprises simultaneously compete with and serve their own taxpayers, while hiding from open records, public disclosure requirements

There has been a burst of ink on Utah’s UTOPIA over the last few days in response the state auditor’s most recent report on the muni-broadband cooperative. Below I’ve compiled all the news links to date and summarized the auditor’s … Continue reading

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Municipalization on the general election ballot

With Washington’s primary elections behind us we are now set for a couple of key municipalization races in this fall’s general. In Thurston County the PUD is not only running an initiative asking voters for the authority to deliver public power, but … Continue reading

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Tri-City debates public broadband

The Tri-City Herald weighed in August 3 with its take on government-owned broadband saying high-speed internet access is essential for rural residents (Editorials: Tri-CityHerald) and constructing a straw-man of urban-dwellers who take their broadband speeds for granted. And, public utility district (PUD) commissioners … Continue reading

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