Chelan PUD considers new telecom rates, service fees, policies and GM authorities

Chelan PUD commissioners today are considering resolutions to change the rates and fee structure for its wholesale telecommunications services. The factual background discussion includes the following:

In order to address immediate rate and cost concerns and to meet the financial policies, District staff recommends the following:

• 75% initial increase in 2012 to Fiber Internet Packages (download/upload) in the category of 100 Mbps/100 Mbps per end user;

• Add a new Fiber Internet Package category of 100 Mbps/10Mbps at $30 MRC (monthly recurring charge) per End-user.

• Across-the-board rate increases on all other Telecommunications Services of 9% in 2012; and

In order to address longer term rate concerns, District staff notes that future rate increases should be anticipated based on staff’s continued review and focus on longer-term financial policies to assess and allow for flexibility in rates to reflect cost recovery, along with market prices, changes in technology, and other reasonably related factors; and the evaluation of the wholesale rate structure to reflect recommendations to shift the wholesale rate structure based on wholesale access by loop (or connection).

The commission is also expected to revise its dark fiber moratorium policy, licensing dark fiber subject to availability.

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