PUDs shouldn’t sell broadband | The Wenatchee World

These comments from Wenatchee World publisher Rufus Woods from November 2011 are worth remembering and repeating:

Officials of local broadband companies are correct when they say that if the public utilities are allowed to compete with them to sell services to customers, the local businesses will be at a significant disadvantage.

It’s gratifying that Chelan County PUD officials have taken the position that they don’t want to impede or compete with private enterprise. That’s the right answer.

Nevertheless, it’s not clear how widely the PUD’s position is shared by other members of the PUD Association. So it appears that a battle could be looming in Olympia during the next legislative session.

NoaNet should never have accepted the $240 million stimulus grant without having a business plan in place to make the expansion of broadband economically viable. Shame on the Legislature if it rewards that behavior.

via PUDs shouldn’t sell broadband | The Wenatchee World.

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